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Real Computer Solutions works for you to deliver best-in-class managed IT services and support to businesses, government agencies and residential homes.
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At Real Computer Solutions, We Stay True To Our Word
Real Computer Solutions offers a plethora of services in the IT field. Learn about our Managed IT services that help your business grow at the pace you require and let you focus on other aspects of your business. Are you building out a new space and need help setting up the network for the office? Is your agency looking to update its current network requirements but you don’t know where to look to get that done? Is your wifi spotty in your home and you are looking for someone to set it up properly so you have no more “blind spots?” Learn how Real Computer Solutions (RCS) can help you figure out the perfect solution to fit your needs!
We partner with the best in the business and are certified in the best IT solutions to help with any project, network set up or managed IT solution for your home, business, or government agency! With over 25 years of experience we have learn how to quickly design the best solution for our client all while providing a seamless process with great customer service.
Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority!
Our goal is to provide unparalleled IT services to our clients and businesses across every industry. Our speediness and efficiency allow us to deliver a perfect solution quickly for all of your IT needs. Customer Satisfaction is our top priority when it comes to our services. We excel at making sure each and every client, business and organization are all completely satisfied with our work and client interactions.
We have won awards for our services and are trusted by all of the big service directory companies on the web. Still uncertain if we are the ones for you? Just check out our reviews and testimonials. We have hundreds of satisficed customers, businesses and large government agencies in the Washington DC DMB area that we have provided services to over our 25 years in the IT business.
Cutting Edge IT For Every Industry
Since 1996, Real Computer Solutions has been delivering best-in-class IT services and support to businesses, and government agencies throughout Maryland Washington DC and Northern Virginia. It’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about technology and the benefits it brings to our clients. Our professionals can customize any IT solution to meet your specific requirements, helping you save time and money.
Small businesses like yours can’t afford the loss of productivity or revenue due to server crashes, power failures or data loss. At RCS, we’re here to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your hardware and software are built, monitored, maintained and protected by professionals who leverage existing and new technologies to prevent downtime and save money.
As a government agency, you need high performing technologies to manage huge amounts of sensitive data and carry out your day-to-day operations. RCS utilizes expertise and industry best practices to deliver innovative and cost-effective IT solutions to help your organization solve its most critical challenges. With RCS working as your technology partner, your time and money can be spent on other important matters rather than on fixing IT issues.
Exceeding Customer’ Expectations Since 2003
I have worked with Real Computer Solutions for nearly 10 years now supporting my business, and no matter what the situation, Vinni and his team are ALWAYS available on short notice.

Whether it was setting up a brand new office with 20 work stations, or calling them at 9p because a laptop was having internet connection issues, they are always quick to respond, and more importantly, able to FIX the problem!

If you want dedicated and personal service as a true partnership, you engage RCS! Otherwise, you can just stay complacent being one of the masses of customers with the “brand name” companies that always look to upcharge and upsell.

Stuart Margel
Business Owner
Mr. Mirzaians did an excellent job of providing technical and computer support at the conference. There were occasions where one of the OIG and contractor’s computer broke down. He was always cordial and professional and worked well with all members of the conference staff.
John Lake
Program Manager
Office of the Inspector General, Department of Defense, DCIS
I called in to have my network set up properly for my business. I attempted to do a DIY and it just want 100%. Vinni came, pointed out what I was missing and gave me his recommendations. I left him and his team do the work and I cannot be more happy. Remote access to my network, wireless access points for me and my guests, and a fail proof network. Oh, and cables, what cables – everything was hidden so no one can see cabling – what a liberating relief!! Worth every penny.
Carlos Aguilar
Business Owner
Partnered With Industry Leaders