Design Your Network For The Best Possible Performance
Our techs understand the best positioning of wireless access points and hard wires to optimize performance while saving your time and money
Data Cabling and Wiring
We run network cables to increase Wi-Fi connectivity or to increase direct connection speeds throughout your office space or home
Dependent upon your speed requirements, we can design and install any size cable that you require to keep up with your employee demand for high performance Wi-Fi and internet. We understand your business requires top quality hardware that can withstand the test of time. We guarantee our work and will provide the best quality product and service to meet your needs. After our team completes its installation of the data cables and wires we will make sure your space is usable to all of your employees.
Wireless Access Point
Let us pinpoint the most efficient positioning of wireless extenders in order to enhance your WiFi radius
Locating the optimal positioning for wireless access points in an office or home is part of our design process. We will first locate those positions and the number required to perfect your signal throughout your office space or home. We will then run the cables to those locations and connect the wireless access points to the hardwire we just ran. These new wireless access points will then be able to provide perfectly clear Wi-Fi.
Network Installation
Let us handle all of your network installation not just the cabling and wiring
Let us set-up your entire network from the ground up. Cabling, Wi-Fi connectivity, and direct connection wall outlets are just a few steps of setting up your network. We can help secure your network using VPNs, installing malware protection and virus protection software’s to your computers. Let our technicians handle all of your needs so you don’t have to lift a finger!
Real Computer Solutions
We Make Sure Your Office IT Is Always Working Optimally