Real Computer Solutions, Inc.


1 Research Court, Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850
Information Technology
Member since May 2017


Solid Waste Reduction and Reuse

We encourage a paper-free workplace and have cut down on the need for paper by sending and receiving invoices by e-mail.


  • We recycle old cable (copper and/or any other metals) from commercial jobs.
  • We keep large bins available so that everyone can collect materials from jobs and drop off making it a joint effort.
  • We recycle any paper and/or cardboard from shipping.
  • We recycle for our customers.
  • We offer and encourage to take old computers and ink cartridges from our customer base to the recycler.
  • We offer to drop off old electronic equipment and TV’s to recycle, thus keeping dangerous materials leaching out into the landfill.


Energy Efficiency

  • We start earlier than normal to avoid heat on hot days.
  • We use natural light when we can and turn off lights when possible.
  • We offer casual wear instead of uniforms, offering a polo shirt with our logo.
  • We always offer Energy Star products where applicable for sale.
  • We always encourage and are happy to set the energy saving modes of equipment when possible.
  • We shut down when office equipment in evenings and during weekend.
  • We adopted Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory practices where we only acquire needed products as demand requires thus reducing the space needed for heating and cooling of warehouse space.


Employee Commute

We have taken steps and completed our transition to a “Virtual Office,” where we share office space with others only when we need it, thus cutting down on the need for our own larger facility. The benefits are really paying off both environmentally as well as our bottom line.

  • Office employees have been set up to work from home.
  • Substantial fuel savings by employees not running up and down I-270.
  • Saving over $7,500 annually.

Efficient Business Travel

  • Wherever possible, we schedule jobs that are close together so that we can save on fuel and reduce wear and tear on our vehicles.
  • We try not to make separate trips for anything and always try to pick items up on the way to somewhere.
  • We scan and send paper work via email thus eliminating travel time and paper usage

Fleet Vehicles

We keep our equipment up to date on maintenance for best performance.