Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning how to utilize short cut keys on your keyboard can save you time. Below are some common shorts you can use.

ALT+F4 - Close the active item, or quit the active program.

ALT+ TAB - Switch between the open items.

CTRL+ A – Select all.

Safe Surfing For Kids

At Real Computer Solutions, we believe Internet safety may be the single most overlooked factor by parents when it comes to the overall safety of their children. The Internet offers children of all ages vast opportunities for learning, constructive entertainment, and personal growth.

Email Safety

E-mail is one of the most common ways for computer viruses to spread. Use these tips to help protect you, your family and your company.

Be extremely cautious of opening any attachments from senders you do not recognize. Never open if the attachments are executable files (“. exe”, “.vbs”, and “.scr”) or a double file extension (such as “.txt.