Commercial and Residential Voice & Data Cable Installation Wiring


Companies rely on their electronic infrastructure to conduct daily business, and when the time comes for relocation, the process should be seamless. It’s essential to reduce the seemingly endless challenges, and that’s what we do best.

No installation project is too big or too small. Whether it be PC relocation, server installation or electronics packing, our technicians will install and troubleshoot phone lines and coaxial cables, perform structured cabling installation services, and take care of all your conduits, cable trays, cable management racks, patch panels, and everything else associated with getting your IT infrastructure wired up professionally.

Voice & Data Cable Installation Wiring services from Real Computer Solutions is comprised of:

  • Network relocation planning - preparing a robust relocation strategy makes it far less likely your business will be disrupted during the move
  • Internet reconnection - we ensure the entire external Internet connection is up and running before you move in
  • System backup - in this step we oversee both the overall data backup process as well as individual employee backups before shutting down the network
  • Preparation and packing - servers and mainframes are packed in specialized crates and pallets to ensure safety

Real Computer Solutions understands that data cabling and wiring play an important part in both daily business operations as well as daily life. That’s why we help detangle these meticulous issues for you. If your wires have ended up in a knot, let us know and we’ll straighten them out.

Relocations that are fast and efficient? Those require Real Computer Solutions.