Experienced IT Technician

Please read this post in its entirety before submitting your resume and cover letter, incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • IT technicians collect system related issues form the clients through phone and email and analyze them to find out appropriate solutions for the client
  • They sometimes contact the clients face-to-face by visiting their workplace, home or companies to analyze the problems with the systems
  • Assist the clients in troubleshooting problems with the systems as well as help them in upgrading their systems if necessary
  • They help in creating setup for the computer systems and installation of the software and hardware in the systems
  • Provides help in system maintenance and periodic up-gradation of antivirus and other protections
  • They help in the recovery process of any accidentally lost data from the systems and any kind of assistance to the clients such as operating particular software or software system.
  • They sometimes prepare written documents and handle them to the clients as well as maintain a record of the previous up-gradations or help provided to the clients

Required Skills

  • Proven practical experience with the following technologies:
    • Windows Server 2003/2008/2013
    • Exchange Server 2003/2007 (2010 a plus)
    • MS Office 2010
    • Outlook
    • QuickBooks
    • Active Directory
    • Citrix
    • Linux
    • Macs
    • Blackberry Server
    • Firewalls (Sonicwall, Watchguard, Calyptix, etc.)
    • Kaseya
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • VMW
    • VPN
    • TCP/IP Version 4 and Version 6 are preferred
    • Connect Wise a must
  • Competent in using antivirus technologies and spyware technologies
  • Expertise in explaining technical issues and give instructions to troubleshoot system related issues
  • Excellent in analyzing the problems and finding errors in the systems
  • Up to date with current industry trends and efficiency in working with them
  • The Candidate needs to possess excellent customer service skills both verbal as well as written communication and should be able to provide guidance on telephones and email.
  • The Candidate needs to be familiar with reloading an operating system and knowing the difference between what an operating system is and what software is.

Educational Requirements

It is not necessary that IT technicians should possess a degree in Computer Science. Passing a high school diploma or graduation in any field will make you eligible to acquire certification courses in any computer technologies which make you proficient in various computer technologies and troubleshooting issues of computer systems. Many companies hire such individuals. Possess a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology will however be an added advantage.

Even if you are a graduate or post graduate in Computer Science, you can pursue certification course in some technology which will help you gain expertise in that technology and increase employment opportunities for you. A certification means that you have been certified by the corresponding vendor, not a completion certificate. A completion of a certificate is great which means you have completed the course.

Other Requirements

  • Reliable transportation is a must, willingness to go above and beyond the extra mile.
  • Being On Call and Dependable.
  • Being On Time is a must; if you are a minute late you are late.
  • Being able to read and understand instructions and execute them properly.
  • Being Responsive to client needs and respond to upper management.
  • Having the initiative to complete the task with minimum supervision.
  • Must adhere to corporate dress code policy.
  • Must be willing to complete the task at hand.
  • Must be able to communicate and troubleshoot thoroughly.
  • Must care and be able to think outside the box.
  • Must be willing to learn and follow established SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

2 Candidates are needed for this position.