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Harness the power of your technology for better patient care with:

HIPAA/EMR Compliance

Data Security

Client Records Management

Speech Privacy


Secured Area Access Control

Improved patient care is the focus of every solution

We work with hospitals and clinics, helping teams of internists, pediatricians, orthopedists, and their staffs harness the power of advanced technology so they and they can run their practices more efficiently and treat their patients more effectively.

Partnering with clinics and hospitals of all sizes has enabled us to understand the intricacies of healthcare IT. We have tools that help you maintain HIPAA and EMR compliance, track and manage patient histories, and reduce costs through automation and virtualization.


Every need met

We have a variety of managed and stand-alone IT services to meet your every need.

Managed Services

Help Desk Support

Low-Voltage Wiring


Video Conferencing

Electronics Recycling

Hardware Sales, Service & Repair

Hourly IT Support Service

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