Single Family Homes, Town Houses, Or Multi Family Properties Are Our Specialty
Does your home have Wi-Fi dead spots? Do you need a more secure network? Need someone to hardwire your home? Real Computer Solutions can do all of that and then some! 
Secure Residential Networks
Keeping your home safe from intruders is most parents and family members top priority, right? So, why would protecting your sensitive family data and information from cyber intruders be any different? It’s not. The way you protect your family when it comes to the internet is imperative in todays information era. Our technicians use up-to-date cyber security measures to design and protect your families home network. 
Residential Wi-Fi Connectivity
Do you have Wi-Fi dead spots? Do you have a larger home? Is your router not reaching your upstairs or basement? If you answered yes to any of these questions than let us help you set up your network and correct these issues. Wi-Fi connectivity issues are very common problems when using only the router given to you by your cable provider. Those devices, even though the do broadcast a strong signal, are sometimes limited when living in a multi-level home or a home with more than 2000 square feet. These issues can be cured by wiring your house with Wireless Access Points or what some refer to as Wi-Fi extenders. These devices can help increase Wi-Fi signal in areas that may have once had a dead spot. 
Hackers have lately been aiming their cunning, sophisticated viruses and phishing scam at small companies like yours, because they know your firewall and intrusion detection systems are likely to be outdated and weak. Don’t prove them right!
Residential Cabling and Wiring
Do you work from home? Do the kids eat up Wi-Fi bandwidth? Do you and the kids play online games? These questions can all be cured by adding direct ethernet connections to your home. We can add ethernet ports all over your home that increase your connectivity to the internet as well as will provide increased internet speeds (as long as you have a faster internet speed than what your Wi-Fi is capable of producing). Let Real Computer Solutions aid in your network setup and you won’t be disappointed with how efficiently your system works.
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I appreciate everything that you have done for me. You and Arin truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent work!

Yeran S.

Rockville, MD

Response to my request for services was very prompt and convenient to my availability. Analysis of problems was exact and solutions applied were effective. Cost of the services was considerably less than what I expected.

Edmund C.

Wheaton, MD

Vinni’s advise and support is great and helped me upgrade my laptop without having to toss it away and purchase a new one. (He) saved me a lot of money.

Jasmine W.

Bethesda, MD

Mr. Mirzaians did an excellent job of providing technical and computer support at the conference. There were occasions where one of the OIG and the contractor’s computer broke down. He was always cordial and professional and worked well with all members of the conference staff.

John Lake

Program Manager, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Defense, DCIS

The first person I called did not show up. Real Computer Solutions came and took care of my problems. He was wonderful. I definitely would use him again. Thank you.

Penny B.

Chevy Chase, MD

These individuals went above and beyond the requirement of the help call. I can say that I have been impressed with the timeliness, job skill proficiency and attitude.

Sheron Metevia

Management Information Systems Analyst Office of the Secretary Defense (OSD)

You did a very good job, and the most important thing is that you were always available to server your customers.

Lucrecia B.

Borht Potomac, MD

He was very nice and very professional. Came on time and was very helpful. I would call him again.

Harold K.

Potomac, MD

The team did an amazing job from A to Z. From setting up the server with our software to networking all the computers by running hidden wires everywhere in the shop. I am not only impressed by the workmanship but the broad scope of work covered.

Ararat Janjikia

Owner, Onnik Dental Labs

Real Computer Solutions was very willing to explain things to me, to work on any and all solutions, to not seem rushed. Thank you.

Alice Z.

Beltsville, MD