Detail Commercial Cleaning Services for
Your Employees and Your Company


We are here to help for peace of mind When it is time to Open

During the next several months as many businesses return to prepare to open, thoughts of how clean the work environment (i.e. buildings, offices, restrooms, kitchens, cubicles, etc.) will be on the forefront of many employees’ minds. What happens if someone gets sick, coughs, or even tests positive with COVID-19? There are ways to professionally educate, document and use of proper CDC and EPA approved procedures and chemicals that can ease that stress level along with protecting the company. Having a professional cleaning service that specializes in this that can be supportive, respond quickly and can work with the company on documentation will be a key to a cleaner and safer work environment.


Facility Partner Services Inc.

30 plus years in the commercial cleaning industry covering the Washington DC metropolitan area. Customers have included The Washington Redskins. Boeing Companies, Qiagen Sciences Campus, Emergent Biotech, Novavac and many multi-tenant facilities. Employee based company that is not a franchise or adds subcontractors while taking care of your needs.


The Latest Cleaning Techniques

CDC and EPA approved chemicals that are sprayed on by an electrostatic charge that allows the disinfectant to adhere all around the surfaces as it is sprayed.


Professional Trained Staff

Having experienced in cleaned pharmaceutical labs following the FDA rules, we understand and follow strict policies and guidelines. Cleaning staff that follows all the CDC procedures and guidelines in not only protecting the work place, but also themselves as well as being experienced in detail cleaning of all types of spaces.


24/ 7 Management Support

We can service any customer that is need of our services. We offer a Priority Membership, which we will cater to our clients’ needs within hours. No waiting, no price gouging, no wasting time getting bids or familiar with the company. Any emergency cleaning issues that arise we are a phone call or a virtual meeting away from discussing the proper plan to assure peace of mind for the employees and the company. Every decision and procedure that is done is documented to support our customer for their records. As a Priority Member we will have already established all the vital company information we need to not waste time and solve the problem immediately.