Data Cable and Wiring Installation

Keep your information flowing freely

Your network components are the vital organs of your IT infrastructure. But network performance depends on more than just these crucial elements. You need quality cabling and installation — your IT network’s circulatory system, the veins through which your vital information flows from component to component.

Real Computer Solutions provides a full range of high-quality Cable and Wiring Installation services for commercial and residential customers, including the installation of fiber, coax, and low-voltage structured cabling systems for any application. Expertly installed, quality cabling ensures fast speeds and avoids bottlenecks for more efficient data streams, higher quality calls, and quicker files transfers. Even wireless networks have to be plugged in somewhere.

No more productivity freezes from frequent outages, waiting for slow downloads, or choppy voice and video streaming. Have RCS get you wired for faster information transfer today.

Here are the types of wiring installation RCS provides:

  • Category 5 cabling
  • Category 6 cabling
  • Fiber Optic
  • Coaxial cable for FIOS
  • Comcast
  • Telephone and VOIP wiring
  • Dmark Extensions

High-quality cabling and wiring from RCS’s means:

  • Faster streaming content
  • Clearer voice calls
  • Smoother, richer video conferencing
  • Faster file transfers
  • Optimized internet speeds
  • Expert installation

"An Amazing Job, from A to Z"

The team did an amazing job from A to Z. From setting up the server with our software to networking all the computers by running hidden wires everywhere in the shop. I am not only impressed by the workmanship but the broad scope of work covered.

Ararat Janjikian
Onnik Dental Labs

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