RCS’ Electronic Recycling
Dispose of your e-waste the right way

When PCs, tablets, smartphones and other hardware finally reach end-of-life, you have to discard them to avoid turning your storage room into a computer junkyard. But that doesn’t mean you should toss them in the nearest dumpster. The metals, plastics, glass, and chemicals inside these devices are hazardous to the environment if not disposed of correctly.

Our recycling services offer companies a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly way to dispose of old, obsolete computer equipment. RCS recycles:



When computers and servers go belly up, bringing them to us is the right way to dispose of them. Our recycling services meet data security initiatives and environmental requirements. This means we take your old hardware, dismantle them, and recycle the raw materials. No component is haphazardly sent to landfill.


TVs and monitors

Both CRT- and LED-based displays contain hazardous chemicals and metals that don’t belong in the trash. Before they are destroyed, we remove any copper wiring, cathode ray tubes, mercury filled black lights, and circuit boards that pose serious risks to the environment and human health.


IT accessories

If old keyboards, cables, mice, printers, and scanners are cluttering up your office, just contact us. We will send our staff to collect your equipment and transport it to our recycling center where our disposal experts will determine the best course of action. None of the hardware you send us will be buried or burned.


Print Cartridge/Toner Recycling

Recycling empty toner and inkjet cartridges is simple, good for the environment, and above all, it’s profitable. Most cartridges can be recycled and reused up to six times, and the quality will still be on par with new cartridges.


Other electronic devices

If you want to get rid of DVD Players, VCRs, and other unwanted electronic devices (not including appliances), we’ll recycle them. All the items you send us will be inventoried by description and serial number.

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