Electronics Recycling

Retire your old devices the people- and planet-friendly way

When your PCs, tablets, smartphones or other hardware finally reach their demise, you have to discard them — or else your storage room turns into the Museum of Technologies Past. But you should NEVER just toss them in the kitchen garbage or the nearest dumpster. The metals, plastics, glasses, and chemicals inside these devices are hazardous to the environment, and it’s extremely important that they are disposed of correctly.

RCS’s recycling service offers companies and individuals a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly way to dispose of old, obsolete computer equipment. If you have any items listed to the right, give us a call today and we can dispose of them in a safe and environmentally responsibly.

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RCS can recycle:

We meet data security initiatives and environmental requirements by fully dismantling old hardware and recycling the raw materials

We remove hazardous metals and chemicals from CRT- and LED-based displays, including copper wiring, cathode ray tubes, mercury-filled black lights, and circuit boards that pose serious risks to the environment and to human health

Old keyboards, cables, mice, scanners, printers — we can pick up anything cluttering your office and guarantee nothing gets burned or buried

Recycling empty toner and inkjet cartridges is simple, eco-friendly, and profitable, with most cartridges able to be reused up to six times

We also recycle servers and network equipment and offer Tel-co closet cleanouts and wire removal from commercial spaces. If you have other electronics or office items you need to get rid of but don’t see them listed here, give us a call — we’ll let you know if we can recycle it

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